WATCH: Nude Video Of Sharon Gh, The Slay Queen Assaulter Goes Viral

WATCH: Nude Video Of Sharon Gh, The Slay Queen Assaulter Goes Viral

It appears some desperate individuals are too eager to pay back Sharon Gh and her gang for mercilessly beating Akosua Sika for allegedly attempting to ‘steal’ Sharon’s boyfriend, Asaawa Gh.

Things are getting nastier after the incident which happened over the weekend went viral on social media attracting a lot of reactions from the public domain.

According to reports, Akosua Sika was set up and trapped by one Sharon GH, for trying to snatch her boyfriend Asaawa GH, whom she had “suffered” with for a long time.

assault (akosua sika being assaulted) -

Akosua Sika being assaulted by Sharon GH

Others have condemned the assault, urging Akosua to “make the issue a police case”.

Some also claim that Asaawa GH, the “lover” boy in this whole saga was the one behind the whole set up for Akosua to be beaten.

However, in a Facebook post, Akosua Sika, has explained her side of the issue. she also urged her critics to rethink the issue over before judging he


The disgraced Slay Queen took to Facebook to explain her side of the drama which is fast going viral online. She posted:

assault (akosua sika) -



Barely 48 hours after the video of Sharon and her gang beating Akosua Sika in Asaawa Gh’s house went viral, a nu-de is circulating on social media that some people are claiming it’s Sharon Gh and her gang.

assault (sharon gh and her gang nudity) -

assault (sharon gh and her gang nudity) -

Is it really her and her gang in the video?

In the video, the gang which We at really doubt whether it’s Sharon Gh considering the fact that you can’t even make out their faces to determine well, are dancing showing their naked ass to the camera.

Well, Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions on whether it’s her or not.


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