Watch: Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods; Leaves Workers, Students, Stranded

Watch: Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods; Leaves Workers, Students, Stranded

Last week, hundreds of workers, students and several cars that ply the Ashaiman-Tema underpass have been cut off Ashaiman and/or Tema after flooding rendered the under bridge impassable.

Rains which began at dawn have washed into the low-lying area locking down residents moving from Ashaiman to Tema to access Accra, vice versa.

Many were stranded for hours and a number of saloon cars trying to pass through the flooded underpass were submerged and had to be towed.

Ashaiman (Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods) -

The Flooded Area

“The entire area is badly flooded and impenetrable “, a surgeon Dr. Richmond Ofori revealed his frustration as he had to drive back home after encountering a ‘modern day red sea at about 5:45am.’

He told he had anticipated the floods and left home early enough hoping to pass through the under-bridge before the situation became worse, but was hit with surprise when he got there to witness an unimaginable ‘underpass pool’

Dr. Ofori was due to join his colleagues at Korle-Bu to prepare patients for surgery Thursday morning. He says he watched several cars gaze at the impossibility of crossing over to Ashaiman and Tema.

“The situation is very epic and must be addressed with immediate effect” he said.

“So we are sleeping on an island,” a frustrated Dr. Offei he revealed how the flood has created a stream that has overflowed effectively locking the community down.

The under-bridge was the link from Ashaiman to Tema to give options to motorists who do not wish to use the Ashaiman over-pass and to reduce traffic on the over-pass.

Ashaiman (Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods) -

Some drivers who spoke to noted that, the problem at the underpass has persisted for a very long time and must be addressed once and for all.

“This is a problem that has been with us for long and it has now gotten out of hand because if you see the level of the water here, it should tell you that the under path has over served its purpose and needs immediate renovation if transportation is to be effective.” Ronald Avevor said.

Ashaiman (Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods) -

The Flooded Region Surrounded With Filth

Some drivers also noted that, they have had to scoop the water that gather at the underpass with buckets or hire a water pumping machine to pump out the excess water to make it motor-able.

“Each time it rains, this place gets flooded and we have no choice than either hire a pumping machine or scoop the water with buckets” Kwame Bamfo, said.

An observation by indicated that, excess and waste water flowing from the Ashaiman Dam and its surrounding environs, usually overflow their boundaries thereby flooding the underpass area each time it rains.

As at the time got there around 7:30 am, while people and a number of vehicles were stranded and frustrated, some children from nowhere took advantage of the situation to have a ‘pool party’. They were happily swimming in the flood surrounded with filth and refused to leave even when ashaimanonline reporter Ernest Addo tried severally to stop them.

Ashaiman (Ashaiman-Tema Underpass Floods) -

Children Swimming In The Flood

Residents of the area are calling on the authorities to come to their aid by improving the underpass because they believe narrowness of the poorly constructed underpass, largely contribute to the flood anytime there is a downpour which often decimate their properties and claim lives.


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