Video: Afia Schwarzenegger Attacks Berla Mundi

Video: Afia Schwarzenegger Attacks Berla Mundi

Comedienne and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has accused fellow industry player Berla Mundi of dating two married men and borrowing clothes to slay on social media.

According to Afia, Berla Mundi to retain her job has allegedly been blackmailing a faceless person’s husband who is also a friend to her boss at GHone TV.

She added that Berla is again dating a married man who is also a well-known politician in the country.

Actress Yvonne Nelson was the first to expose Berla in that manner after she took offense of a discussion Berla Mundi and some guests had about her on the ‘Late Afternoon Show’ aired on GHONE.

Berla Mundi and her guests, Sika Osei and Mz Gee had discussed Yvonne Nelson’s romantic affair with her British boyfriend which resulted in Yvonne bearing a child for him.

While on the show, the three supposedly concluded that Yvonne Nelson is a home breaker and husband snatcher.

However, it seems Afia Schwarzenegger, the woman who was apparently caught red-handed committing adultery in her matrimonial home, also took an offence as she was also discussed on the same show concerning her married life.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s post on Facebook read:

“Dear people with good character sleeping with people’s husbandssss ..

My bad character doesn’t extend to someone’s matrimonial home;my bad character doesn’t extend to sleeping with peope’ls husband for job nor doing make up at @nancyblaq on credit,i don’t rent clothes to slay either..

Its a pity that things like these can open their mouth to talk about character… Becos some of us due to the respect we have for some people has chosen to be silent on things…

Madam Character…may be the host of the Character show didnt tell you that she is blackmailing someones husband for her job and becos the husband is a friend to the boss they kept her..

Madam good character tell your host we know her relationship with Mr Adams who is also married n a politician..making it already 2 married men.

Yes,my character is “not to take nonesense from nitwits” like thee and heaven n earth will bare me witness it s better than warming the beds of married man…atleast i married,yours is just Ashawo to rent clothes for social media likes…So Sit ur fucking turkey clothes ass down n be humble…cos your characters are disgusting to say the least…we see all of you all the time but u see ur Ashawo business is none of my business!!!

Character my ass……How dare u talk about marriage when even ur dog has refused to propose to you…foolish girls,how dare u…foolish ambassadors of abortion.

How dare u talk about relationship aboa when every thing that have sex with you denies you…And when u want to talk about me pls wear better clothes…yall look like slaves.

Dont dare me cos i have ur list…”

See an embed of the post she made below:


Credit: Dennis Kofi Adu

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