Shocking Audio: Major Mahama Lynching, A Planned Murder?

Shocking Audio: Major Mahama Lynching, A Planned Murder?

Information has gathered reveal that the story in the public domain behind the death of the illustrious late Captain Maxwel Adama Mahama lacks full details.

The Captain who was promoted yesterday to the rank of a major following his promotional examination vis-à-vis dieing on duty, was gruesomely murdered in Denkyira Boase last week Monday.

It is alleged that the death of the captain was in connection with the rivalry that exit between some galamsey lords in the region where the awful incident occurred.

According to sources, the captain was deployed to the area to lead a team of army officers ( as a platoon commander) to combat galamsey.

He stayed in the area for about three months before his untimely demise.

However, Mahama had to leave his post to Accra to write his promotional examination from the rank of captain to major. In his place was stationed one Lieutenant (name withheld) who courageously led a team of soldiers to seize the equipments of some galamsey operators in the area and transported them to Tarkoradi.

The galamsey lords invited the Lieutenant for a negotiation to release the equipments, but he didn’t show up. Instead, the lieutenant sent four army officers; two were WO1 and the other two were WO2 to represent him.

These four soldiers were nearly murdered at the scene in Denkyira Boase but were fortunate to escape narrowly back to the base.

They were detained in the barracks in Accra when the issue reached the notice of their superiors (name withheld) for about 20-30 days because the Lieutenant failed to defend them that he sent them on that specific duty.

Captain Mahama returned to his post after the examination without having full details of the happenings in his absence.

It is alleged that he was attending a meeting with these galamsey lords who once attempted killing the four Warrant Officers Class One and Two (WOs)

His ignorance made him a prey for a trap which eventually led to his death.

The four army officers were released after the demise of Major Mahama.

Investigation is still ongoing. Hoping to hear from the investigators (the military high command, the police service and other significant undercover investigators) a confirmation or addition to this information.

Below is an audio that affirm and throw more light on the information gathered by

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More to come soon!!

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