Sexual positions that influence baby gender

Sexual positions that influence baby gender


Gone are the days when sex was just “sex” used for pro-creation. Now you can create a baby of your dreams through performing scientifically proven sex positions that guarantee baby gender up to 100%.



How To Make A Baby Boy

If you want to make a baby boy, you should make it as easy as possible for the “Y” chromosome sperm to win the race to the egg. With great speed, but a short life, that male sperm should be deposited as close to the egg as possible. In this instance, the good old missionary position is best – with maximum penetration and the woman on her back to allow as clear a path as possible. For the best results as the man ejaculates, the woman should move her legs as close to her breasts as possible.
Also, some say that timing is as important as sexual position. The closer that intercourse is to ovulation, the better chance you’ll have a boy. Have frequent intercourse about a day before ovulation. To make sure sperm count is as high as possible, have the man wear boxers – heat destroys sper_m, and you want plenty of sperm for a successful implantation.

How to Make A Baby Girl

Given what we know about male vs. female sperm, you would want none – or very few – male sperm to reach the egg. So, for the best chance for a baby girl, you should deposit sperm farther away from the egg – so that the male sperm “die off” early, allowing the slower, but longer lasting female sperm to reach the egg. Shallow penetration should be used here – usually from the rear (doggie-style). 

Again, the timing issue is noted as well. Since the female sperm is a slow swimmer, you would want to deliver the sperm no earlier than 4 days before ovulation. And, you ovulate about 14 days into your cycle. This method again uses timing – taking advantage of the slower but longer-lived sperm to make a baby girl. The thought is to have the sperm ready and at the fallopian tube as the egg is released. Don’t forget – no sex for a week afterwards! You might introduce some fast-swimmers into the mix and get a boy!

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