Photos: Do You Well Remember This?

Photos: Do You Well Remember This?

Let’s take a throwback to primary school. If you never read any of these or even remember, then probably you were a truant, “ampedu” as locally referred.

Which of these were your favorites during READING sessions in your primary school days?

√ Hawk and hen
√ Alidu and his goat
√ Why the crab lost his head
√ Mr Boamah’s Shop
√ Mr Gyebi and his sons
√ The Elephant and the Tsetsefly
√ A market day at Asesewa
√ A visit to Paga
√ Faati and the fishes
√ The Sparrow and the Frog
√ Ata Panin and Ata Kakra
√ The Red Lions and the Green Hawks (Obiba JK)
√ I can’t be bothered
√ The Hawk and the Hen
√ Unity Is Strength
√ Agyei Ne Moatia
√ Two friends and their little canoe.
√ The little black cat (mr Kumah has two
children..mensah and Dede)
√ .. Kro kro kro kro hi hi hi hi
√ My grand fathers clock
√ Look to yourself..


Below are few images of some of the story to give you a flash back:

hawk and the hen

hawk and the hen


alidu and his

alidu and his goat


mr. Boamah's

mr. Boama’s shop


A market day at asasawa


how the crab lost its head




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