Photos: Ashaiman Market Women in Massive Demo

Photos: Ashaiman Market Women in Massive Demo

Ashaiman Market Women have held a mammoth demonstration at Adjei Kojo this morning.

The market women in Ashaiman Mandela Park hit the streets across Ashaiman to protest unfair treatment from the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AshMA) regarding the wrongful distribution of new market space to other market women.

The designated site as the market center is close to the Ashaiman-Adjei Kojo highway, precisely near the Under bridge. The market which is not fully well completed and opened just yesterday, has already been occupied by a different set of market women.

This has attracted the wrath of market women in Ashaiman who claim they are the rightful occupants of the space provided as the market center since they regularly pay levies to the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AshMA) for such project.

The clash between the Ashaiman market women and the already stationed market women on the demarcated plot of land over ownership, resulted in the destruction of properties which included tables, chairs and other belongings of the market women who have already occupied the site.

Some market women have already started clearing other portions on the sites to put up their structures despite the confusion at the center.

AshMA officials and security personnel were at the site to restore calm and resolve the situation, but encountered difficulty as the market women were not prepared to succumb to any form of agreement.

Speaking to, Auntie Esi, one furious market woman said, “We have being paying levies to AshMA for a very long time and they promise us this site since where we sell is not a permanent market. We were waiting for the market to be fully completed before we occupy it, but information reached us that after sod cutting was performed for the commencement of the construction of the market yesterday, the market had already been occupied by another set of market women. We feel cheated and betrayed by the Assembly and therefore we seek justice.”

Another market woman who spoke on anonymity, said “Why should this happen? After all the toil to pay levies to the Assembly for this project, another set of market women have been given the space to occupy. We were not given preferential treatment. I am not leaving here until I get a proper place to put up my structure.”

According to AshMA officials, the spaces on the designated site was unlawfully sold by unidentifiable unscrupulous people to the stationed market women at an amount of 100.00 Ghana Cedis.

Some of the market women bought more than five (5) plots with the intention of selling it to other market women who would come requesting for space.

See images from the scene below:

Ashaiman market women on

Ashaiman Mandela Market Women demonstrating against unfair treatment from AshMA

the demarcated

The Demarcated Site for the Market Construction

Ashaiman market women on

Market Women’s Properties Vandalized

Ashaiman market women on

Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AshMA) Officials trying to resolve the conflict

Ashaiman market women on

Market Women heading towards the new designated market site

Ashaiman market women on

Confusion at the site

Ashaiman market women on

Market Women weeding their portion on the site

Ashaiman market women on

Market Women clearing portions closer to the highway to establish their business

Ashaiman market women on

AshMA Officials and Security Personnel ensuring order



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  • We can’t just be fair in this country,we can’t allow equity to prevail,discipline is missing. Our officials will never be satisfied and contentious, they can’t do away and ignore such filthy and sordid act .God have mercy, we pray for sanity and the normal serene nature of the area.

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    Oh! quite unfortunate. Authority should ensure discipline ,fairness and proper planning of the market be4 allocating to the rightful owners

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