Photos: Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Filth; Who is responsible?

Photos: Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Filth; Who is responsible?

The Ashaiman main station is suffering from huge devastating and endangering sanitary condition that required serious pragmatic immediate attention, report.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is on record to have stated that he intend to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by the end of his first tenure in 2017.

Much as one does not intend to doubt the President’s claim, one is compelled to say that this is a daunting task considering the state of filth ‘swallowing’ Accra currently.

Among the areas that need serious and practical efforts in fighting filth, is the “Ashaiman Main Station”, a popular lorry station lying close to prominent institutions in the Central Business District (CBD) of the Municipality.

Imbibed with a lot of activities and influx of people from various areas, the Ashaiman Main Station is not only characterized by firth but also chocked and stinking open gutters.

To make bad worse, just close to the second exist is a heap of stinking solid waste which is most left unattended to for weeks.

Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Firth -

Meanwhile, right in the station not far from this refuse are various food joints with high patronage. Drivers, passengers, visitors and other users of the station rely on these foods joints for survival despite the filth in the area.

Some users of the station shared their frustration on the situation to ashaimanonline.

“It is really sad for a community that is developing to be suffering from sanitation challenges. For me, I think our leaders are not proactive enough. All they are interested in is levying the people without transforming those levies into projects that will benefit the entire community and its environs.” – Mr. Charles Asante, a Trotro driver said.

Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Firth -

“In as much as we blame our leaders for being lazy, we should also take into account our bad attitude that contribute greatly to this firth swallowing up the station. People throw rubbish anywhere and anyhow in the station, despite constant cautions. Sometimes, when you try speaking against it, some passengers will attack you asking you to shut up because it is the duty of the station leaders to make sure all waste generated in the station are safely collected and dispatched. Is this what we call civilization? “– Efo Kobla bitterly said.

Mr. Rayond Attakora said” do we need Jesus Christ to make our city clean for us? If we don’t change our ill attitude and adopt proper waste management, i am afraid we will perish. Sanitation related diseases will always come knocking at our door steps to ‘sweep’ us away from the surface of the earth.”

Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Firth -

One of the station masters who spoke on anonymity said” I am happy you have come to raise this worrying issue. I have personally done a lot in my own small way to change this occurrence, but to no avail. The bye laws are not working. People feel free to do anything anyhow and anywhere deemed fit to them. Most of the heaped rubbish you see here are created by vendors and passengers in the station.

“I was near assaulted by a passager for asking him to pick up a pure water sachet he left on the waiting sit for passengers in the station. It was really an awful scene. Is this how we wish to build a clean city?”

Ashaiman Main Station Wallow In Firth -

“If draconian measures are not put in place, I am afraid we going nowhere as a people with the dream of making Ghana one of the cleanest countries. It will just be a mere dream unattained” he added.


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