Photos: Ashaiman dog saves a dumped baby

Photos: Ashaiman dog saves a dumped baby

It was a very emotional scene at Ashaiman Polyclinic this morning when a stray dog bursts the scene with a dumped baby on its mouth.

The dog is believed to have picked the baby at a nearby dumpsite, around the Roman Park ( Ashaiman New Quarters area) during its routine food hunting mission.

It successfully brought a dumped newly born to the attention of hospital staff who were on their way to a break at the Ashaiman Polyclinic.

With the umbilical cord still attached to the baby, the dog was hailed for successful delivering the baby unhurt. The hospital staff acknowledge and narrated to how the dog approached them but referred all official questions to the PR spokesperson who was unreacheable.

See the shocking pictures of the amazing feat of the “saviour” dog:



Ashaiman dog saves a dumped baby


Ashaiman dog saves a dumped baby
The saved baby



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24 Comments on “Photos: Ashaiman dog saves a dumped baby

  • Is sad what human beings can do we thank God for preserving a life so special l would have love to adopt this little one but is late now any baby like that call my attention l want one boy one girl pls thanks

  • I have a newly born baby, Can I adopt this baby too? If it’s possible kindly let me know so that my Husband and I can take care of this baby and give him a good future. Thanks. Nana Yaa

  • l would like to adopt this Wonderful baby of God please contact me. I will be soon in Ghana. Thank you so much for help and thanks to that special Papa or Mama Dog. God bless you all.

  • This baby is going to be a great person, God is good . The dog is not just a dog but God used the dog to save the new born baby . The baby will will live ,the purpose for the new born’s life will truly come to pass . See no weapon formed against the the baby will not prosper, shame unto who the mother is .May the power of God protect the new born throughout his life on earth .May the the lead and direct the new born baby’s life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen I will like to care for this new through out his or entire life please do contact me thanks

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    That baby is a child of destiny! The brave and kind dog deserves an award as the animal of the year. Whosover that adopts the baby should adopt the dog too. What a wonder working God.

  • I am so impressed after reading this massages what comes to my mind is God is great and who God bless no one curse may this child grow to be a great person on our land to be a living testimony glory be to God for ever

  • God is good. The dog is an angel. They should look for the mother and prosecute her. Wished I could adopt both the dog and the kid.

  • Wooow..d dog is not just a dog..because a dog cant reason to know that the baby needs a doctor..but all d same the baby has a great future…

  • wow….this rare event goes to show the brevity of dogs… for the new baby I could only imagine the destiny he / she carries….

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