Men are less attracted to women in their period

Men are less attracted to women in their period

As women, periods are something we have to deal with every month. It’s funny how many of us can’t really talk about them openly. Just like not everyone is comfortable talking about sex when it comes to periods we shy away too. Quite often we can’t even call it by its proper name.

Shark Week, Being on the rag, A visit from Aunt Flo or Mother Nature’s monthly gift come to mind when we talk about periods with our girlfriends. Psychologists at the University Of Bath made a series of computer based tasks with women who were on their period and those that didn’t have them at the moment of the test.

This study showed that period pain reduces your cognitive function and attention span which influences your overall performance. There are so many things that we don’t know about menstruation and we are still uncomfortable to talk about. Let’s dispel the mystery around our special time of the month with these little-known facts:

Men are less attracted to you when you are on your period

It’s not entirely their fault, but man’s testosterone levels are influenced by a woman’s scent especially when she is ovulating. Scientists confirmed this fact by asking male volunteers to sniff-test T-shirts worn by women in different stages of their menstrual cycles.

Interestingly enough this test showed that men were more attracted to women who were ovulating, therefore their testosterone levels raised notably compared to T-shirts by non-ovulating women. In terms of smell men also mentioned that T-shirts of ovulating women smelled sweeter. Looks like going on a date right before your period or straight afterwards might be indeed a great idea.





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