Man, 25, Manhandled For Theft (Photo)

Man, 25, Manhandled For Theft (Photo)

A young man believed to be 25 years, was caught and beaten mercilessly in Ashaiman on Tuesday [01/08/20-17] morning.

This incident occurred at Ashaiman Traffic area in front of the My bet betting center building.

The young man was accused of stealing engine block from his brother’s vehicle.

According to the man who caught the thief and happens to be the brother, he has been terrorizing them for a very long time and they have being planning to clamp him down on several occasions, but proved futile till yesterday when he single handedly caught him .

“He is my blood brother, i give him all he want yet he has being stealing from us and from others outside. Day in day out, people complain and threaten us about his criminal lifestyle. His constant stealing is gradually derealing our family image and we can’t take it anymore, so we would treat him as a criminal since that is what he want” He said angrily.

See images below:

Ashaiman (Man, 25, Manhandled For Theft) -

The alleged Thief in the hands of his brother 


Ashaiman (Man, 25, Manhandled For Theft) -

The Brother in pink shirt explaining  the issue to the crowd


Ashaiman (Man, 25, Manhandled For Theft) -

The thief being dragged to the Ashaiman police station



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