Caution: Don’t Underestimate Your Kids (Photo)

Caution: Don’t Underestimate Your Kids (Photo)

A viral picture on social media purported to show a child of about three years sitting comfortably on the floor with some a woman, and stretching his neck looking something from another woman standing on above the boy.

Quite funny, but not something to overlook and joke about.

This image sends a signal to parents who think their children are ‘children’, who do not know anything and so go to the extent of stripping before them, bathing with them, and even making love before them.

Kids of today are smarter and knowledgeable than we can even imagine or expect them to be.

Some people have taking to social media posting funny comments and creating humorous jokes around it while others seem dumbfounded about what actually the kid is striving to watch upward the woman ‘under’.

Let’s be cautious of our children and give them the best upbringing, for what we sow is what we reap.

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