AshMA Visit Naos (Photos)

AshMA Visit Naos (Photos)

Officers of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AshMA) on Sunday [22/10/2017] visited the Church of Christ (S/M)-The Naos Assembly at Ashaiman Lebanon zone 4 to engage the congregants on personal hygiene for health promotion.

The purpose of the visit was to mark the Post Global Hand Washing Day 2017.

October 15 is Global Hand Washing Day, a global advocacy dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handing with soap. Every year, the Day is marked with events, campaigns, and hand washing programs around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Our Hands, Our Future’.

AshMA -

In view of this, the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (AshMA) took it upon itself as the administrative body of the municipality to champion this campaign at the premises of the Naos.

According to the officers, they marked certain significant places to visit and educate them about the significance of hand washing, among them include schools, market centers, churches and meeting places of various organizations within Ashaiman.

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The officers joined the congregation in worship and share in the service, after which the activity took place.

Activities Undertaken included the following:

Presentation of a message on Hand washing to the congregation.

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The officer advised the congregants to wash hands always, stressing that, hand washing should be a daily practice.

According to the officer, it is important to wash hands regularly because it protect one form illness, keeps hands clean and free from germs, among others.

The officer enumerated wrong ways of washing hands and stated critical times for washing hands.

Wrong ways of washing hands Include;

Washing hands without soap
Washing hands in bowls especially multiple people washing hands in the same bowl.
Washing hands with little water
Washing hands with dirty water
Cleaning hands with dirty towel after washing hands

Critical Times For Hand washing include;

After visiting the washroom
Before eating. The congregants were advised not to only wash hands after eating but before eating to keep germs away.
Before cooking
Visiting hospitals
Visiting market places
Public gathering
Attending funerals

Demonstration and practice of hand washing by team and church members.

AshMA -

Demonstration of proper hand washing by AshMA officer

AshMA -

demonstration by a church elder

AshMA -

demonstration by church members

AshMA -

Distributtion of flyers and T-shirts

Donation of hand washing facilities and other souvenirs

AshMA -

AshMA -

Promotion of GAMA household Toilet Promotion Options.

Parents were advised to inculcate into their children good personal hygiene.

The officers advised that all households should have a toilet facility in order not to fall victim of upcoming exercise by AshMA.

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