Ashaiman: Witch Trapped in Fetish Priest’s Compound [Photo]

Ashaiman: Witch Trapped in Fetish Priest’s Compound [Photo]

A woman who wanted to harm a traditional healer in Ashaiman Micheal Camp area by sneaking into his house was dealt with heavily as she was stripped naked begging for mercy, reveals.

The woman stripped herself naked after sneaking into another man’s house to bury charms but the power in the house of the people she came to harm was too difficult for her to overcome.

The woman was spotted crying profusely on a bench stark naked.

According to sources, Yakubu Adama (50), a traditional healer and known as Naa Yiri, said he found the woman at 2.30am in his yard around Micheal Camp, Ashaiman.

Narrating the shocking encounter, Adama said he was doing a ceremony with his new students to thank the ancestors when they heard strange noises in the yard.

“I sent one of the students to check and he came back to tell me there was a naked woman in the yard,” said Naa Yiri.

Ashaiman-witch caught -

The said witch in the midst of the residents

The witch doctor said the woman had come to bewitch him but he said he was not afraid. He said his house is protected by strong power and no enemies could bring harm to him.

Naa Yiri is now demanding a cow and a goat to perform a ceremony to clean his yard. The incident attracted the attention of a large crowd.

“I want this woman to pay for the damage she has caused  my ancestors.”

The naked, 34-year-old woman claimed she was sent by from a witch camp in in the Northern region of Ghana by her witch queen to steal ancestral powers from Naa Yiri.

In the morning, people who had heard about the woman, came with paraffin and tyres to set her ablaze. But she was given an old copy of Daily Graphic to cover herself and the police took her to the station, where she was given clothes and questioned.

The woman confessed in front of the police and the people who had gathered that she was a witch sent to destroy the work of the witch doctor.

“I get highly paid to do dirty work for my queen. I have never been caught before,” she said.

She said she couldn’t do what she was supposed to do because she found a big river and a snake tried to swallow her.

“I was scared. That’s when I started crying for help and people in the yard heard me.”

According to the police, they were called to the scene and rescued the naked woman from the angry community.

Both the complainant and the accused were taken to the police station, where they settled their differences.

Rebecca Amenu, 23, a resident in the area, said she has never seen something like that. “I used to hear stories about strange happenings but I never believed them. Now, I believe in them,” she said.

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