Ashaiman: Cheating couple caught red handed in bed

Ashaiman: Cheating couple caught red handed in bed

A married Ashaiman security guard was caught between the sheets with a married woman in Lebanon Zone 5 where he was arrested for assaulting his lover’s husband as he tried to escape on Wednesday morning.

Innocent Nyarko, 41, visited his married lover, Anita Ofori, 34, and the two were caught by the latter’s husband Ebenezer Mantey, 38, following a tip off.

Innocent and Anita have been in love for more than a year using the latter’s matrimonial bedroom to quench their sexual appetite, at least according to the two’s confession at the scene along Pink Lady Road in Lebanon Zone 5.

Residents took turns to assault Innocent while others captured the drama forcing Innocent to attack Ebenezer who was detaining him as he called his in-laws.

“I was saved from further attacks by a member of the neighbourhood watch committee, Abu, popularly known as Abu Macho, from further beatings. They could have killed me,” said Innocent.

Innocent’s wife and children were called to the scene before he was taken to Ashaiman police station over assault.

“Anita asked me to pass through her house since we have been lovers for sometime, unaware that her husband had been tipped by her neighbours. We were caught and could not finish the act.

“I am married with four kids but hey I am trying to negotiate with Ebenezer so as to settle the issue.

“I have been attacked with iron bars and bricks forcing me to assault Ebenezer since I wanted to gain freedom from his packed bedroom,” said Innocent.

Anita said that she fell in love with Innocent after meeting him during the night following a quarrel with her husband.

“Innocent comforted me on the day my husband assaulted me during the night and from that day we have been seeing each other and he helps me financially.

“I love my husband and I regret my actions,” said Anita.

Anita’s church members attended the scene and they called her names over her actions given her influence in women’s gatherings.

Ebenezer showed injuries he sustained after he was attacked by Innocent saying he has forgiven Anita since she is an orphan.

“My wife never thought that I was to return home and I forced the locked door open and caught them busy,” said Ebenezer.

“I shouted for help as Innocent became violent trying to escape and my neighbours came quickly and they assaulted him.

“Innocent got hold of my hand and strangled me and he got hold of an iron bar and attacked me as he tried to leave the room after he dressed up.

“After calling my in-laws they could not make it. My wife’s real parents are late and I do not see any reason to complicate her life by divorcing since we have two children together.

“Innocent must give me something like GHS 5,000 for being disrespectful and shaming me by having sex with my wife,” said Ebenezer.

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