Ashaiman: Armed Robbers Rob Church Members

Ashaiman: Armed Robbers Rob Church Members

Information reaching indicates that armed robbers attacked members of the Miracle Centres at Lebanon Zone 2 in Ashaiman.

At around 2 am on Wednesday [23/8/17], Miracle Centre was attacked by 4 robbers (outsiders claim they were 5) who robbed some youth at gun point.

Some members of the Miracle Centres were sleeping at the church premise to enable them emback on their trip for camping at Akatsi in the Volta Region.

According to a close source, some members sleeping in the church auditorium, about five guys, were awoken with guns and knives pointed at them (Two ladies were also sleeping in the auditorium but were ignored by the  robbers).

The guys were instructed to remain calm, silent and lie on the floor. The robbers searched them, their surrounding and took phones, a laptop and about seventy (70) cedis.

The robbers entered the pastor’s residence. The doors to the residence was however not secured because some members who slept in the auditorium hanged around the residence deep into the night and by the time they left there wasn’t any one around to lock the door from inside.

Also, they planned retrieving some items from the mission house early the next morning for the trip, so it wasn’t necessary to properly lock the door.

The robbers with easy access into the mission house budged into the bedroom of the pastor and ordered that him and his wife to hand over their valuable items including money and jewelries.

The robbers chanced on a bag that contained documents, a laptop and about thousand (1000) cedis. They were charitable enough to handover the laptop to the pastor.

About two phones and other valuable items were taken.

All this while, the guys who were held to ransom were still under watch. One of them outsmarted the robbers and raised alarm but to no avail.

Fully aware attention may soon be drawn to their operation, they grudgingly but hurriedly left the premise, scaling the walls of the church.

Fortunately, no casualty was recorded.

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