Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies (Photos)

Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies (Photos)

A hospitalised victim of a shooting incident at Alajo in Accra has died, a family source has confirmed to Joy News.

The victim, Richard Yaw Boadi, was sent to the Greater Accra Regional (Ridge Hospital) Hospital Tuesday afternoon in critical condition after a bullet is said to have penetrated the lower side of his stomach.

It followed an altercation between the 32-year old Yaw and the suspect, Nana Frimpong in front of a garage at the suburb.

Ghana(Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies) -

The mechanic had demanded, Nana Frimpong move his red Hyundai car some meters away to enable him to park a 207 Benz bus.

The suspect refused and in the ensuing disagreement, allegedly fired a warning shot and later shot the victim.

Ghana(Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies) -

He had been hospitalised since Tuesday.He passed Wednesday evening after losing a lot of blood.

Ghana(Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies) -

Medical report indicates his right kidney was so hard hit it had to be removed, his colon was also cut and joined.

Ghana(Alajo Garage Shooting Victim Dies) -

Yaw had also lost so much blood requiring more than 12 pints pumped back into him.

The shooter, Nana Frimpong was arrested last Tuesday after angry residents and workers at the garage assaulted him and damaged his car.



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