4 Signs that her vagina has been ‘serviced’ by a A Lot Of Men

4 Signs that her vagina has been ‘serviced’ by a A Lot Of Men

There is actually no way to be absolutely and undoubtedly sure about the number of active partners a person has had, but with a keen eye and an observant mind-set, you can have a pretty good idea about her level of experience.


1.Her words

Women don’t divulge how far their mileage has gone under the sheets because they hate being labeled. However, you can easily tell her history through certain terms she uses.

Women who find it extremely easy to talk about sex are more likely to be more experienced. More “servicing” usually experienced means more sexual confidence. Once a woman is sexually confident, she will have no qualms about discussing related issues.


2.She is up-front

The more experience a woman has, the more open she is about her needs. If she seems to know exactly what gets her off then she is a pro in the sheets.

If you see her directing your hands, it means she has done it several times before and she is selfish enough not to pleasure you without you returning the favor.


3.She shows you a thing or two

You might consider yourself a bedroom don, but when you get in bed with her, she begins to show you explosive things your body can do that you never knew. This is because, not only has she been pleased a lot of times, she has also learned how to please.

The only exception is if she has gone to boot camps for bedroom training such as Chinamwari.


4.She is brazen

Does she find it easy to take off her clothes and dance for you? Is she rocking that Cowgirl move like a pro? If she seems to be very uninhibited and able to let go in the bed, then she is no rookie.

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