20 Minutes ‘Violent’ RainFall Floods Ashaiman (Videos)

20 Minutes ‘Violent’ RainFall Floods Ashaiman (Videos)

Major parts of Ashaiman were flooded after a heavy downpour on Saturday [25/11/2017] in the municipality.

The rainfall which lasted for about twenty minutes, accounted for the submerging of roads, houses and cars in various areas of the city.

Many people travelling from the homes during that period were stranded in traffic in all part because of the flood waters had covered major roads and paths within the municipality.

Ashaimanonline.com witnessed floods in several areas including, the Ashaiman main station, Ashaiman traffic area, Official town, New town, Christian village, Valco flat, Tulaku, Taaboo Line, among others.

Residents bitterly accused the Ghana Meteorological Service for poor performance in giving credible constant weather forecast and the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly for corruption and negligence.

“What an incompetent Metrological Service we have in Ghana. Do they really exist? We hardly hear of credible weather forecast. How then can we prepare for the day? A community which has grown to attain the status of municipality, is suffering from flood? What annoys me most, is authorities have turned blind eye to the situation yet are interested in levies and taxes. What do they use the monies extorted from the poor ? Only to enrich themselves and to impoverish others? It is a pity. – Mr. Ransford Omane – a teacher bitterly expressed.

Madam Rita Ansah said “ I won’t pay any levy anymore because I don’t see the essence”

“We have a dead Meteorological Service” She added.

“Ashaiman must rise and fight for change” – Madam Comfort said.

“We need urgent change!” She added.

ashaimanonline.com brings you exclusive pictures from the scene:

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